Troika Party

It points out the control that the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF exercise over the socioeconomic situation in Europe.

The project consisted of a guerrilla campaign in the form of a political party and its objective was to direct public attention to those responsible for the cuts suffered in Europe. With the aim of transmitting the randomness of power politics and how they play with vital issues just to make a profit, the group proposed a slot machine winning the jackpot as common thread.

With this concept, a visual identity was generated in accordance with both the image of a political party and the satirical tone of the campaign. A system of icons that allowed composing complex messages was created and applied to the logo, with a fixed structure within which they could vary according to the content of the piece. Throughout the year the project was underway, the website, videos and images for social media were designed, as well as script and content in some sections of the campaign.